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Profit Designing – How to Best Design Functional and Group Training Spaces within Your Club

Published: August 10, 2016

Profit Designing – How to Best Design Functional and Group Training Spaces within Your Club

Almost every club should have areas for functional and group training. Often in many clubs because of the increase in demand, these areas produce the highest revenue per square foot for a club.  They can be available to members at no cost but also provide a wide range of fee-based classes and training.

Take the following steps to ensure that your club has the best possible space for these programs, whether you have an existing or new club.

Space Requirements – This includes space for the different items such as medicine balls, kettlebells, racks, stability balls, floor mats, bands, etc. Allow for freedom of movement for a minimum of 5-6 people—and adequate storage for your selected items.  Have 500 square feet as a minimum and up to 3,000 square feet and more for larger clubs.  Many clubs make their space multi-functional enabling such things as Barre, suspension training and other classes in the same area.

Location within Your Club – Place the functional training area off to the side or out in the center of the exercise equipment areas making it visible, so members can see the new and different movements and exercises which help to promote this space. However, if the area is separated as a fee-based-only area, plenty of glass should allow people to easily see into the space.  Visibility is key—remember, “out of sight, out of mind.”

Staffing – Functional training areas need to have properly trained staff supporting them. If not, many of the spaces go underutilized and produce less revenue.  They become a great opportunity for trainers to introduce their valuable skills.

Storage, Organization and Cleanliness – A functional training area should have a wide variety of different items for exercises. However, as a result, many times this space ends up being quite disorganized, messy and hard to keep clean.  Therefore, place extra attention on proper storage units (a must) to keep it organized.  In addition, attend this area more often, which includes putting items back in their proper place.

Promotion – Make this area a regular part of the sales tour and train sales people on the many benefits of functional training. Have special lighting, architectural features, signage and posters that “showcase” the area.  Make the experience “special” which significantly helps to justify the additional fees.