Club Interior Design And Decor – Why This Makes People Better Exercisers

As the health club industry evolves continually with growing competition, a factor that is now more important than ever for a club to succeed is interior design and décor of a club. The visual environment of a club creates one type or another emotional experience for everyone who comes in – as a member or a potential new member.

Why is the environment so important? The simple fact is most people hate exercise and need all the motivational help they can get to become and then stay a member. A beautiful exciting space can be the all important inspirational help people need to start and stay with exercise. Create a dynamic interior and people will say, “I love it here” and “I want to come back”. Create a boring or bland space and it just many people another reason to stay home.   The bottom line – the love of exercise only motivates about 1 in 5 people.

A whole new mindset is needed for the fitness industry the correlates with so many other industries that know the absolute value of inspiring design and décor.

Recently, two women being toured through the locker room of a new club in Mass. were so moved – and surprised by how beautiful the locker rooms looked they called their girl friend during the tour to tell them “they had to come and see this place”. It was not the equipment or staff that prompted this call, but the wonderful ambiance they had not expected in a “health club”.

Interestingly, the viewpoint of many new clubs or renovations of existing clubs is that they don’t need a strong interior and spend as little as possible. This is clearly “old fashioned” thinking and only weakens a club’s competitive position and ability to attract new members. Therefore spending too little will cost money in the long run in reduced sales and profits.

So the message seems to be clear. Clubs no longer can afford to be “average” and uninviting, no matter how strong their sales staff, location, or amount of equipment.

Club design is coming into a whole new era of importance in attracting the ever increasing market for fitness – especially the deconditoned market. Clubs sell a product that promises to improve the appearance of an individual. It only makes sense that a club should start by looking its absolute best.

The rewards are for everyone. The member loves coming to the club more, gets better results leading to better word of mount advertising and retention. As a result, any club will benefit form this – immediately and in the long run.

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