Why Health Clubs Will Be Better Than Ever After COVID-19

Country Club Fitness Workout Floor by Optimal Design Systems

With design, more clubs will reach new levels of “environmental psychology “creating interiors that make the club experience uniquely inspirational and enjoyable. Spaciousness will be appreciated more than ever. The creative process of using a variety of materials, finishes, architectural features, natural elements, music, colors and lighting will become even more of an “art and science”. 

Because of COVID clubs will be cleaner and safer than ever. Many of the practices incorporated for sanitation and cleaning will become the norm for most clubs. 

Clubs will incorporate technology more than ever for better mechanical systems, virtual fitness, fitness programming and tracking. 

Fitness programming and health options will reach new levels of conditioning and “user friendly” effectiveness.  Mind body programming will expand offering better solutions to mental, physical and spiritual health. 

Virtual fitness will become a norm for clubs as part of their offerings. Members have grown to like the option of exercising at home and this will not be an “add on” but an actual separate brand for clubs wanting to excel at virtual fitness just as they do with fitness in the club. 

Clubs will have cleaner air than ever before with HEPA air filters and UV-C irradiation lights added to advanced HVAC systems. Clubs will be built with more antimicrobial materials than ever before. 

Clubs will take bigger steps in aligning with the medical community and furthering the principle of “exercise is good medicine”.  


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